Lars Hallstrom


Phone: 780-679-1661
Department: Resource Economics and Environmental Sociology
Office: 2-134 Augustana Forum
Office Hours: By appointment
Address: University of Alberta
2-134 Augustana Forum
Edmonton, AB
Canada T4V 2R3

Job/Research Area

Director of the Alberta Centre for Sustainable Rural Communities


Major Responsibilities/Research Interests

  • Comparative Public and Environmental Policy
  • Health and Public Health Policy
  • Environmental, health and social equity
  • Integration of environmental, social and health policy
  • Knowledge transfer and Evidence-informed policy
  • Rural policy, planning and evaluation
  • The role of science and citizen engagement in public policy
  • Dr Hallstrom is a participant in the Land Reclamation International Graduate School (LRIGS) program sponsored by NSERC CREATE


Undergraduate courses (Augustana Campus)

AUPOL 328 – Environmental Politics

AUPOL 240 – International Relations

RSOC 355 – Rural Sociology (ALES)

RSOC 450 – Environmental Sociology (ALES)

Select Publications

“Rural Alberta’s Priority Policy Research Questions” with N. Finseth et al. in Journal of Rural and Community Development December 2014, Vol. 9 (4)  (Lead co-author)

“Watershed Management and Public Health: An Exploration of the Intersection of Two Fields as Reported in the Literature from 2000 to 2010” with M. Bunch, H. Venema, K. Morrison, M. Parkes & C. Neudoerffer in Environmental Management. August 2014, Vol. 54, No. 2 pp. 240-254

“Hope of Rural Women Caregivers of Persons with Advanced Cancer: Guilt, Self-Efficacy and Mental Health” in Rural and Remote Health. w/ Duggleby, W., Williams, A., Holtslander, L, Thomas, R., Cooper, D., Ghosh, S.& O’Rourke, H. 14:2561 (2014). (co-author)

“Evaluation of the living with hope program for rural women caregivers of persons with advanced cancer” w/ Duggleby, W. W., Williams, A., Holtslander, L, Thomas, R., Cooper, D., Eby, J. in  BMC Palliative Care 12:36.URL: (2013) (co-author)

“Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products in the Environment: What are the Big Questions?” A. Boxall et al. (second author) in Environmental Health Perspectives. Vol 120, No. 9 September 2012. pp. 1221-1229 (online May 31 2012) 

“Participatory Watershed Management: A Case Study from Maritime Canada” with N. Guehlstorf, in Journal of Environmental Practice. Vol. 14, Issue 2, June 2012 pp. 143-153. (co-author)

“Generation of Priority Research Questions to Inform Conservation Policy and Management at a National Level” with M. Rudd., Beazley K., Cooke S.J., Fleishman E., Lane D., Mascia M., Roth R., Tabor G., Bakker J., Bellefontaine T., Berteaux D., Booth D., Cantin B., Chaulk K., Cunningham K., DeVries A., Dobell R., Elliott R., Fast E., Ferrara N., Findlay S.,  Hammond T., Hermanutz   L., Hutchings J., Lindsay K., Marta T.J., Moola F., Moore W., Nguyen V., Nickels S., Northey G., Prior K., Ramirez-Sanchez S., Rice J., Sleep D., Szabo N.D., Trottier G., Toussaint J.-P., Veilleux J.P. in Conservation Biology Volume 25, Issue 3, June 2011, Pages: 476–484. (co-author)

Select Grants

“Rural Policy Learning Commons: Building Rural Policy through International Comparative Analysis” SSHRC PG (w/ W. Reimer and W. Ashton (PI) et al. (co-applicant) ($2,500,000). April 2014 – March 2021

“Intersections of Sustainability. Collaborative Research Network on Water Governance, Climate Change and Traditional Communities” with M. Steward-Harawira et al. University of Alberta KIAS Cluster Grant ($100,000)

“Boom and Bust in AB and BC” with K. van Assche et al. University of Alberta Killam Cornerstone Grant (co-applicant) ($50,000) Fall 2014

“Boom and Bust in AB and BC” with K van Assche et al. University of Alberta KIAS Team Grant (co-applicant) ($7500) Summer 2014

 “Children and Youth Engagement with Nature and their Health: A scoping review of interventions” CIHR Knowledge Synthesis Grant w/ P. Hansen-Ketchum et al. (Collaborator – Fall 2013 - $49,995)

Alberta Parks Social Science Working Group. (Awarded Spring 2014 - $34,000)

“Generation of priority research questions to inform Park management and conservation policy” (July 2012) ($31,500)

“Alberta Water Toolkit” (PI) w/ Sustainability Resources. ARDN ($10,000) June 2012.

“Community-based factors influencing the development and content of Integrated Community Sustainability Plans in rural Alberta and Canada” ARDN Project Grant w/ Glen Hvenegaard. March 1, 2012. (co-applicant) ($10,000)

“Social Economy, Community Resilience and the Transition to Sustainability” SSHRC Partnership Development Grant w. S. Wulff et al. June 2012. (Co-applicant) ($200,000)

 “Integrating water and public policy: Perspectives from research and the field” SSHRC Environmental Outreach Grant (PI) w/ M. Parkes. April 2012 ($28,091)