Lars Hallstrom

Associate Professor

Phone: 780-679-1661
Department: Resource Economics and Environmental Sociology
Office: 2-134 Augustana Forum
Office Hours: By appointment
Address: University of Alberta
2-134 Augustana Forum
Edmonton, AB
Canada T4V 2R3

Job/Research Area

Director of the Alberta Centre for Sustainable Rural Communities


Major Responsibilities/Research Interests

  • Comparative Public and Environmental Policy
  • Health and Public Health Policy
  • Environmental, health and social equity
  • Integration of environmental, social and health policy
  • Knowledge transfer and Evidence-informed policy
  • Rural policy
  • The role of science and citizen engagement in public policy
  • Dr Hallstrom is a participant in the Land Reclamation International Graduate School (LRIGS) program sponsored by NSERC CREATE


Undergraduate courses (Augustana Campus)

AUPOL 328 – Environmental Politics

AUPOL 240 – International Relations

Select Publications

"Mitigation Banking, Participation and Watershed Management: A North American and Regional Comparison" with N. Guehlstorf, Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville submitted to Journal of Environmental Practice. August 2010.

"‘Top 40’ conservation science research priorities for Canadian policy and management” with M. Rudd., Beazley K., Cooke S.J., Fleishman E., Lane D., Mascia M., Roth R., Tabor G., Bakker J., Bellefontaine T., Berteaux D., Booth D., Cantin B., Chaulk K., Cunningham K., DeVries A., Dobell R., Elliott R., Fast E., Ferrara N., Findlay S.,  Hammond T., Hermanutz L., Hutchings J., Lindsay K., Marta T.J., Moola F., Moore W., Nguyen V., Nickels S., Northey G., Prior K., Ramirez-Sanchez S., Rice J., Sleep D., Szabo N.D., Trottier G., Toussaint J.-P., Veilleux J.P. in  Conservation Biology (accepted Summer 2010)

"Integrated Governance for Water, Health and Social-Ecological Systems: A framework for converging research and policy" in Global Environmental Change: Human and Policy Dimensions with Margot Parkes, Martin Bunch, Karen Morrison, Cynthia Neudorffer, Henry Venema. 20 (2010) 693-704.

"Determinants of Medication Incident Reporting, Recovery and Learning in Community Pharmacies: A Conceptual Model" with T. Boyle et al. in print Research in Social and Administrative Pharmacy. July 2010.

"Attitudes toward Wildlife Habitat Preservation in the Management of Private Woodlots in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia" in  Human Dimensions of Wildlife  with R. Martinez-Espineira 2009. Vol. 14, No. 5 265-277

"Risk, Culture, and the Regulation of Genetically Engineered Corn in the USA and European Union" with N. Guehlstorf; in Environmental Science and Policy. Fall 2005. Vol. 8. No. 4.

McGibbon, E. & Hallstrom, L.K. (in press 2011). "The poitical economy of health inequities" in McGibbon, E. (Ed.). Oppression: A social determinant of health. Halifax: Fernwood Publishing

"Eurocratizing Enlargement? EU Elites and NGO Participation in European Environmental Policy" in Carmin, J & Vandeveer, S. (ed.) Extinderea UE şi protecţia mediului (EU Enlargement and the Environment - Romanian Translation) Editurii ARC. 2010

Select Grants

"Canada’s Top 40 Rural Policy Research Questions" SSHRC Insight Development Grant. January 2011. $74,000 (under review)

University of Alberta TLEF Fund Award. ($5000) to attend the "International Comparative Rural Policy Studies Summer Institute" Oslo, Norway. Awarded March 2011

SSHRC Conference Grant "Rural Research: From Research to Policy and Back" Awarded January 2011. $24,569.

Alberta Rural Development Network Grant "Rural Sustainability Research Cluster and Community of Practice." ($8300) Awarded July 2010.

Alberta Rural Development Network Grant "Managing Alberta's Water - Linking Science to Citizens and Management" ($10,000) Awarded May 2010.

University of Alberta Institute for American Studies "Comparative Perspectives on Mitigation Banking and Watershed Management: Illinois, Missouri, Nova Scotia and Alberta" with N. Guehlstorf (Southern Illinois University – Edwardsville) ($5600) Awarded Fall 2009.

CIHR Operating Grant "Living with Hope: Developing a Psychosocial Supportive Program for Rural Older Women Caregivers of Spouses with Advanced Cancer" with W. Duggleby et al. ($104,996 p.a.) 2008 - 2012 (joined as co-applicant Feb 2010).

SSHRC Canadian Environmental Issues Outreach (Conference) Grant: "Taking the Next Steps: Sustainability Planning, Policy and Participation for Rural Canadian Communities" ($161,105 – Awarded March 2010).

Province of Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development Initiative "Student-Based Capacity Building for Rural Albertan Communities" ($96,200) Contract Awarded Fall 2009