Martin Luckert


Phone: 780-492-5002
Department: Resource Economics and Environmental Sociology
Office: 549 General Services
Office Hours: By appointment
Address: University of Alberta
549 General Services
Edmonton, AB
Canada T6G 2H1

Job/Research Area

Forest Economics, Natural Resource Economics

Dr. Luckert is a participant in the Land Reclamation International Graduate School (LRIGS) program sponsored by NSERC CREATE.

Major Responsibilities/Research Interests

2012-2014. $47,040. “Aligning policies among adjoining jurisdictions in Alberta:Case studies within the Yellowhead ecosystem”. Funded by the Foothills Research Institute. With J. Parkins and V. Adamowicz.

2011-2014. $10,000,000 ($600,000 for social science research at the University of Alberta). “POPCAN: Genetic improvement of poplar trees as a Canadian bioenergy feedstock”.  Funded by Genome Canada and a variety of other organizations including Genome Alberta. With C. Douglas and S. Mansfield (main project). With Henry An, Glen Armstrong, Peter Boxall, Scott Jeffrey, Jim Unterschultz, and Denys Yemshanov (social science project).

2010-2011. $49,000 “Forest Plantations in Alberta: Prospects for Bio-energy”. Funded by the Canadian School for Energy and the Environment. With J. Unterschultz and B. Thomas.

2010-2015. $600,000 “Vulnerability, coping and adaptation within the context of climate change and HIV/AIDS in South Africa: Investigating strategies and practices to strengthen livelihoods and food security, improve health, and build resilience” Funded by IDRC. With C. Shackleton, S. Shackleton, S. Mohapatra, J. Parkins, and B. Swallow.

Selected Publications:

Journal Articles

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Book Chapters

Luckert, M.K. 2010 (In Press). "Canadian Forest Tenures for the Future: Towards Adaptive Sustainable Forest Management." In The Future of Canada's Forests and Forest Sector: Advancing the Strategic Conversation. Edited by P. Duinker, J. Fyles, G. Hoberg, and C. Frittaion. UBC Press, Vancouver, BC.

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