Philippe Marcoul

Associate Professor

Phone: 780-248-1094
Department: Resource Economics and Environmental Sociology
Office: 503 General Services
Office Hours: By appointment
Address: University of Alberta
503 General Services
Edmonton, AB
Canada T6G 2H1

Job/Research Area 

Financial Economics, Industrial Organization, Contract Theory, Development Economics
Sub fields: Economics of cooperatives, Economics of Intellectual Property, Agribusiness Industrial Organization 

Major Responsibilities/Research Interest 

Associate Editor: American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 2014-present
Associate Editor: Journal of Agricultural Food Industrial Organization, 2007- present 

Undergraduate courses 

AREC 482: Cooperatives and Alternative Business Institutions 

Short summary: This an organization class that analyzes organizations that do not have profit maximization as their main objective. There is an emphasis on cooperatives.

AREC 582: Industrial Organization in Food and Resource Industries 

Short summary: this is an Industrial organization class with an emphasis on food and resource industries.

AREC 488: Game Theory with Applications to Resource Economics

Short summary: An Introduction to Game Theory with an emphasis on resource applications.

AREC 487: Managing Market Risk In Resource Industries

Short summary: A finance class with a focus on agricultural commodity markets.

Selected Publications

"Spatial Efficiency of Genetically Modified and Organic Crops," with Stefan Ambec and Corinne Langinier. 2015. Strategic Behavior and the Environment. Vol. 5: No. 1, pp 31-59. Available here

"Agents Monitoring Their Manager: A Hard-times Theory of Producer Cooperation," with Brent Hueth. Journal of Economics & Management Strategy , 24: 92–109. 2015.   Available here.

"A Financial Contracting Approach to the Role of Supermarkets in Farmer's Credit Access," with Luc Veyssiere, American Journal of Agricultural Economics. 92(4): 1051-1064. 2010.

"The Producer Cooperative as Monitored Credit? The Case of West Liberty Foods," with Brent Hueth and Roger Ginder, The Journal of Cooperatives. 23: 106-121. 2009.

"Incentive Pay for CEOs in Cooperative Firms,"with Brent Hueth, American Journal of Agricultural Economics. 91(5): 1218-1223. 2009. Available here

"Contributory infringement rule and patents," with Corinne Langinier, Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization. 70(1-2): 296-310. 2009

"The Cooperative Firm as Monitored Credit." with Brent Hueth. 2010.  Available here.

"Search and active learning with correlated information: Empirical evidence from professional fishermen." with Quinn Weninger, Journal of Economic Dynamics & Control. 32: 1921-1848. 2008

"Can radically unbiased Police perpetuate long-run discrimination?" with Bunzel, Helle, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization. 60(1): 36-47. 2008

"Grader Bias in Cattle Market? Evidence from Iowa." with Brent Hueth and John Lawrence. 2007. American Journal of Agricultural Economics. 89 (4): 890-903. 2007

"Information Sharing and Oligopoly in Agricultural Markets: The Role of Bargaining Associations." with Brent Hueth, American Journal of Agricultural Economics. 88(4): 866-881. 2006

"An essay on cooperative bargaining in U.S. Agricultural Markets," with Brent Hueth, Brent, Journal of Agricultural & Food Industrial Organization. 1(1): 1-15. 2003.  Available here.


 Working Papers under review

"Search of Prior Art and Revelation of Information by Patent Applicants,” with Corinne Langinier, 2015.  Working paper. Available here.

"The Long-Term Effects of Climate Shocks on 'Other-Regarding' Preferences: Inequality Aversion and Spite" with Jeff Andrews, 2015. Available here.

"Coordination and Information Sharing about Pest Resistance," with Stéphane Lemarié, 2015. Working paper.

Current Projects and work in Progress (please e-mail if you want a copy of these papers)

“’'Blood is thicker than water': Economic implications of food gifting within kinship networks” with Marty Luckert, Sandeep Mohapatra, and Godwin Zigah, 2015.

"Food Gifting, Kinship Networks and Household Food Security: the way they give" with Sally Sun and Henry An. 2015.

"Firm Ownership and CEO Incentives: Evidence from Member-Owned Firms" with Brent Hueth, 2015.

“Subjective Performance of Patent Examiners and Implicit Contracts,” with Corinne Langinier

"Rural Producers' Organization, Production Finance and Inclusiveness"