John Parkins

John Parkins


Phone: 780-492-3610
Department: Resource Economics and Environmental Sociology
Office: 557D General Services
Office Hours: By appointment
Address: University of Alberta
557D General Services
Edmonton, AB
Canada T6G 2H1

Job/Research Area

Rural Sociology, Environmental Sociology

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Major Responsibilities/Research Interests   

Rural communities and natural resource economies; Deliberative democracy; Environmental politics; Social impact assessment.
  • RSOC 355: Rural Communities and Global Economies
  • RSOC 375: Public Participation and Conflict Resolution
  • RSOC 430/530: Social Impact Assessment
  • RSOC 515: Quantitative Social Research Methods 

Recent Publications

Parkins, J.R., C. Hempel, T.M. Beckley, K. Sherren and R.C. Stedman. Forthcoming. Identifying energy discourses in Canada with Q methodology: Moving beyond the environment versus economy debates. Environmental Sociology.

Kaler, A. and J.R. Parkins. Forthcoming. Food, Donors and Dependency Syndrome(s) in South Sudan. Sociology of Development.

Davidson, D.J., K.E. Jones and J.R. Parkins. 2015. Food safety risks, disruptive events and alternative beef production: a case study of agricultural transition in Alberta. Agriculture and Human Values, Online First, 8 May.

Mason, R.F., P. Ndlovu, J.R. Parkins and M.K. Luckert. Forthcoming. Determinants of food security in Tanzania: Gendered dimensions of household headship and control of resources. Agriculture and Human Values.

Parkins, J.R. and B.L. McFarlane. 2015. Trust and skepticism in dynamic tension: Concepts and empirical refinements from research on the mountain pine beetle outbreak in Alberta, Canada. Human Ecology Review 21(1): 133-153.

Trefry, A., J.R. Parkins and G. Cundill. 2014. Culture and Food Security: A Case Study of Homestead Food Production in South Africa. Food Security 6(4): 555-565.

Kilemo, D.B., J.R. Parkins, I.I. Kerario, and S.J. Nindi. 2014. Making community based environmental impact assessment work: Case study of a dairy goat and root crop project in Tanzania. International Journal of Development and Sustainability 4(4): 767-783.

Parkins, J.R. and A.J. Sinclair. 2014. Patterns of elitism within participatory environmental governance. Environment and Planning C: Government and Policy 32(4): 746-761.

Wang, Hurng-Jyuhn, Chin-Shien Wu, Yun-Yu Huang, J. R. Parkins. 2014. Mapping the cognitive environment of fifth graders: An empirical analysis for use in environmental planning. AI & Society 29: 355–362.

Lyon, C.J. and J.R. Parkins. 2013. Toward a Social Theory of Resilience: Social Systems, Cultural Systems, and Collective Action in Transitioning Forest-Based Communities. Rural Sociology 78(4): 528–49.

Parkins. J.R. and M.G. Reed. (Editors). 2013. Social transformation in rural Canada: Community, Cultures and Collective Action. Vancouver, BC: UBC Press

Major Projects

Re-imagining Energy Futures in Canada: Exploring Energy Landscapes, Energy Literacy and Cultural Implications of Energy Development. Social Science and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC), Insight Grant (2012-2016).

     Facebook site: Re-imagining Canada's Energy Landscape

     Project site:

Integrating Dairy Goat and Root Crop Production for Increasing Food, Nutrition and Income Security of Smallholder Farmers in Tanzania. International Development Research Centre (IDRC), Canadian International Food Security Research Fund (2011-2014).

The Role of Communities in Collaborative Forest Governance in Canada: Contributing to Theory and Practice through Comparative Study (Maureen Reed, PI). Social Science and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC), Insight Grant (2012-2016).

Deliberative Democracy and Climate Change in Alberta (David Kahane, PI). Social Science and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC), Community University Research Alliance (CURA) (2010-2015).

     Website: Alberta Climate Dialogue