Vic Adamowicz


Phone: 780-248-5662
Department: Resource Economics and Environmental Sociology
Office: 214F Agriculture/Forestry Ctr
Office Hours: By appointment
Address: University of Alberta
214F Agriculture/Forestry Ctr
Edmonton, AB
Canada T6G 2P5

Vic Adamowicz

Job/Research Area
Environmental Economics, Natural Resource Economics, Applied Econometrics, Forest Economics, Consumer Demand / Behaviour

Dr. Adamowicz is a participant in the Land Reclamation International Graduate School (LRIGS) program sponsored by NSERC CREATE.

Vic Adamowicz is also the Research Director for the Alberta Land Institute

Major Responsibilities/Research Interest
Integrating the environment into economic analysis

Environmental valuation

Consumer choice / behavior

Forest economics / management

Market based instruments for environmental conservation


Undergraduate course 
AREC 365 Natural Resource and Environmental Economics 

Graduate course 
INTD 565: Environmental and Resource Economics 

Selected Publications

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